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Tomb 7

The gold treasures of Tomb 7 are one of the wonders of the Mesoamerican period, today they are displayed in the Cultural Centre of Oaxaca (Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca) which was built in the former Santo Domingo Monastery.

Covering periods from pre-historic to near the present the cultural center highlight is of course the Alfonso Caso trove of gold found in Tomb 7 of Monte Alban.

The collection includes gold necklaces where the gold has been formed into a variety of different types of beads, and these strung into necklaces of ten of multi strands. In some of the most elaborate the gold in interspersed with green jade and dark red coral pieces in intricate patterns.

The entrance fee is 57 peso per person and gives all day access to the entire museum, not just the Tomb 7 relics..

Audio guides are available in English or Spanish for additional charge.  Most of the written explanations within the museum are in Spanish only so for those not able to read Spanish an English guidebook, available from the museum store, or the English audio guide are recommended.

The center is open from 10:00AM until 7PM in the evening, every day except on Monday.