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Weather and Visiting

With plenty of sunshine, limited rainfall and warm temperatures around the year it is always a great time to visit Monte Albán. 

There is good weather almost all of the year in this part of Mexico, though it is raining more often in September. From December through to April there is practically no rain and very comfortable temperatures.

On the day that you visit do start as early as you can, the first minibus from the city leaves at 8:30 or you can take a taxi earlier than that.  Starting in the morning gives you the best views of the site, more shade and cooler weather and of course less crowds, though the site is never very crowded due to it's great size if you want to take wide photographs without other visitors visible then earlier will be better.

Opening hours at 8:00AM until 4:30PM for the site itself, while the museum will close at 4:00PM.